“Alfrida Peev” Ltd. is created in 1990 from Pejo Peev in the town of Gabrovo. At the beginning the firm starts the production of pumps with pulverizer, packages for the domestic chemistry and cosmetics. At the beginning the team is small and the number of the employed people in the firm continuously increases. A lot of specialists, confirmed professionals are employed in the field of instrument production, adjustment and maintenance of the automates for plastic articles and the mounting of the various types of pumps.

Nowadays the firm has at its disposal 7000 m2 production buildings and 130 persons personnel.
The workshops of the firm are equipped with automates for production of plastic articles, automates for spring production, flexible tubes, ultrasonic welding of plastics and preliminary mounting for the needs of the pump production with pulverizer as well as for many other machines accompanying the production.

Alfrida Peev Production of Alfrida Peev
Alfrida Peev Production of Alfrida Peev

The instrumental workshop is equipped with universal machines – lathes, milling machines and grinding machines as well as the most modern machines with CNC - milling machines, grinding machines, electric and wire erosion machines. The most modern technologies in the field of the instrument production are used – CAD CAM systems for creation of complicated 3D models and generation of programmes for the machines with digital control, which gives an opportunity for creation of modern design and precise processing of the forming elements of the instruments for the plastic articles.

Developing “ALFRIDA PEEV” Ltd. company continuously increases the number of its articles and also improves their quality. Some unique for Bulgaria productions are started: trigger pumps for detergents and pumps for liquid soap, original decisions for packing in the field of cosmetics, pharmaceutics, and food processing industry.

Our clients in Bulgaria as well as abroad are well acquainted with the quality of all pumps and packages. Every year the clients of the firm increase and spread not only in Bulgaria but also in the European Union, the countries of the Balkan Peninsula, Russia, Ukraine, Rumania and many other.

Now the firm has specialized in the production of pumps with pulverizer for liquid soap, high viscosity products, trigger pumps and plastic packages which have an application in the perfumery, cosmetics, pharmaceutics and food processing industry.

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